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If we talk about Gem Associates, Established in 2005 as a mere property consultant, has now expanded its footprints to become one of the capital’s leading real estate property developers and builders. Gem Associated was established under a vision, a vision to provide customer-oriented results promptly. The latter is indispensable to our continuous and unhindered growth. Our working philosophy is based on providing a balance to the evolving needs of a modern city while conserving mother nature. And our diverse range of work mentioned in our portfolio is evident of this fact.

Our key corporate advantages lie in ensuring a timely delivery of projects – a guaranteed construction with a period of 1 year and in our sound financial backing. We have worked with all kinds of comprehensive projects in the Delhi NCR region.

What We Offer

Understand requirements - Gem Associates

We Understand Requirements

The first of success is defining the requirements. Our team connects with clients, meticulously understands the parameters, and maps the project.

Work Precisely - Gem Associates

We Work Precisely ​

The difference between a good enough solution and an excellent one is the attention given to the details.

Deliver Best - Gem Associates

We Deliver Best Output​

Utilizing the finest resources with customer-oriented and environment-friendly approaches results in architectural masterpieces.

Founder of Gem Associates

Rajan Pillai- Gem associates

Rajan Pillai

+91- 9818214837

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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